Craftys Potstickers scaled - Crafty's Southland Three Course

Crafty’s Southland Three Course

1 April - 30 April

  • Entree/Light Meal:
    Fiordland Crayfish Potsticker Dumplings:
    6 Potstickers stuffed with plump Crayfish pieces and fresh herbs, pan fried and steamed, served with Chinese Red Vinegar.
    Homemade Southland Lamb Mince pattie, rashers of homemade Lamb Bacon, Grilled halloumi cheese, Red Onion and Baby Rocket, in a lightly grilled Sourdough Bun, with homemade Tomato Relish and Minted Mayo, served with chunky chips.
    Matched with a Fresh Hop Beer made with Garston Hops.
    Homemade Blueberry Gelato made with Farm Fresh Milk and Southland Blueberries, served in a crepe with blueberry compote.

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