Saturday 25th March 2023

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Take your seat for a lunch like no other.

You’re at a beautifully laid out table in the picturesque main street of Te Anau, sun shining, Fiordland’s majestic mountain peaks as your backdrop.

Irresistible aromas of sumptuous Southland fare float through the air around you.

It’s a gala atmosphere with a funky restaurant vibe, as Te Anau’s finest restaurants serve up heavenly dishes.

Welcome to Street Dine Fiordland.

We reckon it’s a little bit unique, you could call it a novelty — dining out has never been so good.

Think amazing oysters, succulent Pure South lamb, and oyster mushroom gnocchi.

Soak up the charming, hamlet-like environment as talented chefs showcase the finest and freshest produce the region has to offer.

Guest vineyards and breweries are on hand to keep everyone topped up — so be sure to check out some of the divine local offerings.

The culinary ambience is complemented with musical entertainment to really keep you in the mood. Relaxed conversations flow like Champagne.

The lunch kicks off the month-long Savour The South festival, an Autumn celebration of Southland’s tastiest dishes and drops, outstanding accommodation and legendary hospitality.

Think the freshest Fiordland venison and red lobster, and crisp microgreen garnishes.


Let the afternoon stretch out before you as you eye the next mouth-watering course.

It really is the perfect event for you — a treat for your lunch group, an incredible couples getaway, a birthday or anniversary gift, or maybe even a magical work do that no-one will forget. Who needs a reason? The occasion is the reason.

Think halloumi, Portobello mushrooms and sizzling prawns.

Street Dine also doubles as a fundraiser for local causes — so you’re truly doing a good deed dining out.

As the sun goes down, the good times roll on as Te Anau’s many fine dining and relaxed café-bars come alive.

Boasting a wide range of activities on or off the water and luxury accommodation – as well as Fiordland’s most luminous inhabitants at the Te Anau Glow-worm Caves – Te Anau is a dream destination.

Take the plunge, and head south to take your seat for the most fantastic lunch you’ll ever experience.

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