On the lookout for your next great food destination?

Then it’s time you headed on down to Savour The South.

It’s an Autumn festival celebrating our tastiest dishes and drops, outstanding accommodation, and shining a light on our beautiful region’s hospitality – Southland is a foodies’ paradise.

Savour the South highlights divine dishes that are uniquely Southland served up across vibrant cafes and bakeries, picturesque country pubs and fine-dining restaurants in down to earth settings.

The region’s multi-cultural diversity has brought new and interesting culinary traditions to our tables. 

Fabulous food offerings are complemented by events and happenings throughout April to create magical culinary experiences and memories that will stay with you forever.

Savour the South sets its table in Te Anau in late March for the phenomenal Street Dine Fiordland, and culminates with the Famous Young Chefs Lunch in Invercargill at the end of April.

Surrounded by ocean and pasture, Southland really is the land of plenty, the ultimate Surf‘n’Turf destination.

Enjoy succulent seafood, including world-famous Bluff oysters, Stewart Island salmon, crayfish, mussels, paua and blue cod. Watch that fish you reeled in off the coast of Rakiura/Stewart Island be transformed into a mouth-watering dish right before your eyes.

Take your pick of exceptional tasting, grass-fed lamb, prime pasture-fed beef, and the finest venison.

You may have heard about our amazing meat and seafood, but there’s blueberries, saffron, micro-greens, handcrafted gourmet chocolate, pickles, honey, venison salami and many more Southland surprises to discover as well. 

Remember that “just dug” taste of vegetables fresh out of the garden? Crisp and crunchy locally-grown produce adds another signature note to southern delicacies you’ll be raving about.

And of course, you’ll need to fuel your days by taste-testing as many cheese rolls as possible.

Be delighted at the variety on offer from sushi bowls and dumplings to wild hare, delicious river-run trout and salmon, authentic pizza, and outrageously good, home-style baking.

There’s great food everywhere – discover a new café, pub, restaurant down the main street, or off the beaten track.

They say “a recipe has no soul – the cook puts the soul into the dish” and in Southland you’ll discover talented chefs seamlessly pairing tradition with modern techniques and trends. 

All throughout the south, amazing food producers, restaurants, bakeries, food trucks and more are serving up innovative tastes and textures.

 It’s seasonal eating at its finest – plated to reflect Southland’s vibrant Autumnal colours – for you to savour, complemented with a sensational glass of wine, a craft beer, or whatever takes your fancy.

Everyone is invited, and it all takes place in Autumn.

Southland is renowned for its unmatched beauty which provides a natural playground – no matter what your passion. As New Zealand’s ultimate nature and wildlife destination, its dramatic scenery spans pristine rainforests, fertile farmlands and rugged coastlines.

It’s the New Zealand we all dream of.